Several years ago Visual Discrepancies began as a wordpress blog…

The aim of Visual Discrepancies is to present interviews with working artists who are exploring different areas of abstraction, engaging it as a contemporary practice.

While the area of focus may at first appear narrow I can say after completing more than 30 interviews over a period of two and a half years, what lay apparent is the diversity of practice these artists engage while still working under the loose rubric of abstraction.

The interviews are by no means standard, neither in their question and answer format, or way of engaging an audience. Depending on the conversation, the reader may find insight into how an artist views their materials and process. Another conversation may engage the ‘now’ as a studio practice. Yet another will peek through the history of the artist’s oeuvre.

While the interviews are edited for clarity’s sake, they engage as authentic voice. This way the artist’s personal expression becomes very important. The interview may lead the reader through via the poetic, the use of metaphor or verisimilitude, or the refreshingly analytical.

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