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Picture Postcard – Shinsuke Aso

SAPC by Shinsuke Aso, 2008

It was actually Douglas Witmer who sent me this card, which he purchased from SAPC, Shinsuke Aso’s ‘Business as Art’ at the opening of Minus Space at PS1. The Kalm Report and Minus Space videos, all together here on Douglas’s blog, give you an idea of the unusual setting of this exhibition, which I think is just perfect. Check it all out!

* Douglas has a solo show opening at M55ART, Long Island, a few minutes walk from PS1.

4 thoughts on “Picture Postcard – Shinsuke Aso

  1. Thank you for nicely mounting the postcard you received from Doug and putting the picture here. I just have to say that it’s a small (art) world. Finding the unknown connections among people makes me happy. I met Doug for the first time at PS1 opening and didn’t expected that you and Doug know each other that time. Doug and Karen told me about your blog at Doug’s opening last weekend.

    I would say “Business as Art” instead of “Art as Business.”

  2. Hi Shinsuke. I changed that, “Business as Art” instead of “Art as Business.”
    The ‘unknown connections’ are quite amazing. The small note on the back suggests Doug bought the card thinking of ‘things’ and as well me. So it was a special piece for me. I got the generosity, but also understood that there was a gap–Douglas didn’t know I knew you. And also, along with your postcard, Doug mailed an invitation of his current show at M55. How odd!

    It’s a great little piece, not dissimilar to what I’m working on right now: I guess the reason for Doug choosing that particular one.
    I cut a little structure out of adhesive foam, placed the adhesive side to the wall, and used clear command tabs to fasten your postcard. The flap rested back on its own accord, creating this sense of orchestrated. The slight nick at the top right corner creates this nice tension. But really, the piece is just doing its own thing.

    When time allows I’d love to do a small interview on your really colorful collages, if you are interested?
    Enjoy the opening, Metro Poles: Art in Action, which I understand you are participating in.

  3. Brent,
    Thank you for the change. I’m happy to hear that you like the card. Yeah, the nick makes the card very unique although I didn’t realize at the first site. I’m sure that the card is also happy to be sent to the right person who appreciates its character because this kind of card is normally unpopular.

    Yes, I’m interested in the interview. Please contact me when you have time. Thank you.

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